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King Hermann, the Marauding Iguana of Hermann Park.

It took Texas Parks and Wildlife over a year to track and capture King.  King's tail was severely injured during his capture, and he was turned in to Gina with a broken tail.  Gina tried her best to fix his tail, but she ended up having to remove a portion of the tip of his tail. 

Gina spent a long time working with King, rehabilitating him, and getting him healthy. Even though he was running loose for over a year, he was quite relaxed and easily handled by humans.

King came to us in August of 2016, and he has ruled the roost ever since.  We named him King Hermann in honor of where he came from, and how he will forever rule Wild Kingdom Pet Supplies, and also our hearts.

King Hermann is a rescue green iguana that we received from Gina's Heart of Gold Reptile Rescue. 

King was released sometime between 2014 and 2015 into Hermann Park in Houston, Texas.  He spent his days and nights foraging for food and scaring unsuspecting joggers, bikers, and hikers.  He spent over a year surviving in the "wild" of the park, including freezing temperatures during winter, and scorching summer days.

King Hermann

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